what is alpha?

Alpha is a series of conversations designed to help people explore faith, life, and culture in the Christian faith, and happens over the course of 10 weeks.

We connect with each other by sharing a meal together. Each week has a different topic that looks deeper into different questions, designed to create meaningful conversation around faith and time spent becoming closer brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

People have up to the third week to join an Alpha session after that the group is closed so that camaraderie is built between all the participants. See below for the next session you can join us!

meet new
people & explore
faith together.

meet new people
& explore faith

the next alpha course:

FEBRUARY 1, 2024 - APRIL 4, 2024
city church - Family room

A message from an Alpha leader

"In the many, many, years I have overseen the Alpha ministry my heart has always received great satisfaction from seeing friendships birth during the ten weeks of an Alpha session. I have seen people grow stronger in their walk with the Lord as they participate. I have seen people go deeper in their commitment to letting Jesus be Lord of their lives. After individuals attend an Alpha session they are ready to go deeper with the Lord and become more committed to their faith."

"Thank you for starting me on this journey.  Alpha played a big part in getting me going in the right direction and starting me on my path of Christianity.  I hope that those attending next will experience the same."

- Nick

"Alpha helped me better express my love  and connection to God's Holy Trinity. Alpha gave me the solid Christian foundation that I was missing. My confidence, trust and faith in God is now stronger and more rewarding."

- Valerie

"I’m proud to call myself 'Alpha-holic!' For 3-4 years, I sat in a church pew craving more from the church service and wanting to be closer to God, but not knowing how to do it. Alpha provided the Christian nurturing and awakening I was looking for!"

- Anonymous