Sunday, September 18
 8:30AM + 11AM - Guest Speaker, Sam Dharam

Monday, September 19
6:30PM - Stories (Sanctuary), and food in the Family Room after

Tuesday, September 20
6:30PM - Prayer (Sanctuary), and food in the Family Room after

Friday, September 23

6PM - Prime Time Potluck Dinner with Missionaries (Prime Timers only invited)
7PM - Cultural Conversations (Sanctuary, Everyone invited), Ethnic Desserts in the Family Room after


SEPTEMBER 18 - 25, 2022
We are so excited for the annual City Church Missions Conference coming up! We have 22 missionaries and their families coming to visit from all over the world. We hope you'll join us for as many services as you're able, and also meet our missionaries. During the week, each will have tables displayed in the hallway to tell more about what they do. Throughout the week, missionaries will share their incredible testimonies to encourage and inspire us to be bold and share the gospel wherever we are called. "Ready, Set, Go!"

Saturday, September 24
8AM - Men’s Breakfast, Panel Discussion
11AM - Women’s Luncheon,  Panel Discussion

Sunday, September 25
8:30AM + 11AM - Guest Speaker, Sam Twum


OCTOBER 14-15, 2022
Women of all ages, you are invited to spend a weekend growing in your relationship with God, and being equipped and encouraged in your faith journey. Our theme is "Running With The Father." The path we take in life may not always be perfect or simple. It may not always have blue skies, or smooth pavement. It tends to be unpredictable terrain with a lot of obstacles. But we run anyway - with our eyes fixed on something much greater. We have special guest speaker, Touri Davis, who will be sharing the heart of the Father as we journey together.


OCTOBER 9, 2022
10-11AM - ROOM 104/106, LOWER LEVEL
We invite any newcomers to City Church within the last 6 months to join us between services on Sunday, October 9 for a continental breakfast and an opportunity to meet some of the pastoral staff and ask questions. We look forward to meeting you!