Connecting with God and others are two of City Church's core values. We offer a variety of Connect Groups, which are small groups that allow individuals to connect on a more personal level. In addition to connection, they include elements of discipleship, accountability and pastoral care.



Connecting with People is one of the foundational values of City Church. We are offering small groups that we call Connect Groups for you to be part of as a key way of connecting with people. The benefits of participating in a Connect Group are far-reaching. In the context of this smaller “spiritual family” you will be able to establish deeper relationships in a warm and safe environment. You will be accepted for who you are while at the same time encouraged to reach your full potential in God. This small group will be a care-giving community as well as a place to grow in areas of serving others. The Body will learn how to grow up into the fullness of Christ as we see the Lord at work in and through each other.


Spiritual growth comes in many ways, and one of those is through learning more about the Bible, theology and the Church. Each class is designed to help individuals learn and grow in their faith and knowledge of God.


School of the Bible is an ongoing, four-part, four-semester series of classes featuring a book-by-book survey of the Old and New Testaments, an overview of some of the major doctrines of scripture, and an apologetics class called Answering Difficult Questions.
This class will not be held again until Fall of 2021


Alpha is for anyone looking to explore the Christian faith. Each night typically begins with a meal and a video. The video series spans 10 weeks with topics such as "Who is Jesus?" and "Why and how do I pray?" After, we have discussions where no question is unwelcome.
SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 - NOVEMBER 4, 2021
*Check back closer to date to sign up


Christian Life College - Madison exists to assist local congregations in preparing men and women to serve the Body of Christ in their career calling, whether that is in business, education, sciences, arts, or ministry.


Service is at the heart of being a follower of Jesus. We offer many ways to serve within the church, our local community, and around the world. Click below to see how you can get involved today!