We believe the musicians, singers, artists, and technicians of the church are called and gifted to bring Glory to God and serve the church body.  Through worship, arts, and technology we desire to point people to Jesus.


Worship is our response to the reality of who God is and the love He has for each of us.  When we worship God we are walking in the purpose for our being, and as we behold Him we become more like Him.  At City Church we hold this as foundational to who we are as the body of Christ.

The Worship Ministry at City Church includes many opportunities for musicians and vocalists of all ages to be involved.  For more information contact Worship Pastor, Nathan Rohde.


City Church Artists desire to bring glory to God, reveal His beauty, and restore hope to the world around them through their art.  We do this through creating together, telling stories together, and encouraging one another and the family of City Church to see things in new ways.

Throughout the year, the artists of City Church serve by providing art, music, dance, and more at City Church.  Through involvement in services, conferences and events to creating galleries and interactive arts opportunities, our artists make City Church a place for the arts and artists to thrive.

The Arts Ministry has two main events on a regular basis for artists to connect create, and grow:
  • Create Night - A night every few months for City Church artists to gather for worship, fellowship, and creating together.  Often includes song writing, painting, dance, and development of ongoing artistic projects.
  • Rising Artists - A studio night where artists can work on their individual artistic projects in a communal setting.

For more information on these events or other Arts Ministry opportunities, contact Arts Pastor, Sarah Karlen.


City Church has many opportunities for those interested in the technical aspects of events and services to be involved.  Areas include: Video Producing, House Sound Mixing, Studio Sound Mixing, Camera Operating, Lighting, Slides for services, and more.  Training is provided.  For more information contact our Technical Director, Macky Mikunda.

Ministry Leaders

Nathan Rohde

Worship Pastor

sarah karlen

Arts + Communications Pastor

macky mikunda

Tech Director